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Feb. 8th, 2007 | 10:55 pm
posted by: maybemonday in casual_order

not sure I agree with it, but some of it does line up with what i've been thinking -- how the whole "universal self/interconnectivity" concept can be strangely (contradictarily?) impersonal.

"According to Mrs. Besant, this universal Church is simply the universal self. It is the doctrine that we are really all one person; that there are no real walls of individuality between man and man. If I may put it so, she does not tell us to love our neighbors; she tells us to be our neighbors.

...I have never heard of any suggestion with which I more violently disagree. I want to love my neighbour not because he is I, but precisely because he is not I. I want to adore the world, not as one likes a looking-glass, because it is one's self, but as one loves a woman, because she is entirely different. If souls are separate love is possible.....If the world is full of real selves, they can be really unselfish selves. But upon Mrs. Besant's principle, the whole cosmos is only one enormously selfish person.

....Love desires personality; therefore love desires division. It is the instinct of Christianity to be glad that God has broken the universe into little pieces, because they are loving pieces; it is her instinct to say "little children love one another" rather than to tell one large person to love himself. This is the intellectual abyss between Buddhism and Christianity; that which for the Buddhist or Theosophist personality is the fall of man, for the Christian is the purpose of God, the whole point of his cosmic idea. The world-soul of the Theosophists asks man to love it only in order that man may throw himself into it. But the divine centre of Christianity actually threw man out of it in order that he might love it.

....According to Himself, the Son was a sword, separating brother and brother that they should for an eon hate each other. But the Father also was a sword, which in the black beginning separated brother and bother, so that they should love each other at last."
--G.K. Chesterton, from Orthodoxy

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