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Huston Smith, Why Religion Matters

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Mar. 28th, 2005 | 07:49 pm
posted by: maybemonday in casual_order

"As he was driving home from one of his live-in visits to the monastery, preoccupied with the question of whether monks were escapists, he noticed a department store and stopped to pick up an item that he needed. It was early in the morning and he found himself in a crowd of women waiting for the store to open its doors, which it did a moment or two after his arrival. It turned out to be the opening of a giant lingerie sale, so Walter was swept into the store by a river of women who plunged for its mountains of underwear and began pawing through them frantically to get their pick of the bargains. The spectacle, he told me, threw light on the question that had been troubling him. Was it the monks he had left an hour earlier who were the escapists, or those bargain-seekers who looked as if they were trying to assuage their spiritual emptiness with cut-rate underwear?"

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