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Mostly tangental, but there's info in here somewhere.

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Dec. 13th, 2004 | 12:39 am
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posted by: sanslimites in casual_order

Finally, I have found someone who has put my own thoughts on paper. It it not necessarily not knowing how to communicate my thoughts, per se, but I think it is because I spend so much time locked up inside my own head that I never know what is more important or different from everyone else's way of thinking. I have always struggled with that, especially with those things that are more instinctive, more pulling, those ideas or ways of formulating concepts that have been inherent for as long as i can remember. 

The concept of Celtic Christianity has been niggling in the back of my mind for some time now, as something that seems to have always been my way of thinking but never fully developped where i could put my finger on how to even remotely define it. I generally hate associating myself with general labels or formed groups, because so many of my conclusions I have come up with on my own, and I'd rather not have those ideas or pieces of my personality brushed off as shaped by another following.  There is a quote about George MacLeod that reads,  "Even to the end, he did not want his spirituality to be regarded as a pious practice seperating him from life and from others, but rather as a search for God in the whole of life, in everything he said and did." Often now, at least in the people that I run into, any form of spirituality writes you off as a nut, and claiming to be a christian puts you down as a blind, biased, egotistical nut; in my life, i would like people to realise that I have lived through the same kind of life that they have, and come to my conclusions through my own searching and not through a biased upbringing where i was accustomed to propaganda.

And, to switch to a similar note, Celtic Christianity also worried me some because a lot of it comes off as a warm and fuzzy comforting worldview. Depending on who you talked to, obviously; but i was worried that it was the majority. Because it has such a strong emphasis of the beauty/importance of nature and the world around us, and how tightly the spiritual is tied to the tangible, the more talkative followers have a tendency to come off sounding like passionate poets with their heads never beneath the clouds, wandering around and exclaiming the wonderfulness of it all rather incessantly. And while there seem to be a good many of those kinds, (though that's a lot more emphasis on the celtic spirituality, not christianity; they tend to hold something that cannot strictly be called unchristian, but also not necessarily biblical)  but I am also starting to find those who have the same concepts but are actually logical about it.  One of the primary ideas to the celts is the sheer majesty of the world around us; it is a pull that i have felt deep within myself all of myself.  I have heard the arguement countless times that religion is a weakness, that it is for people who cannot accept reality as a whole, for comfort; i have always been the first to say that if i wanted to be comfortable and happy, I would be following no definite religion.  But celtic christianity has *such* a strong emphasis on goodness that it seemed to me very easy indeed to slip into that impractical passion & comfort; aand it worried me vaguely because, quite frankly, i have no desire to be comfortable. Or to make the world any more or less than it is-  I am a cynic, who cannot help to feel this kind of drawing to the world at large. I don't want to have to come off as any more illogical than I have to.   

All of this mostly incoherent tangent was to build up to simply say- I have found a good, clearcut definition of what I believe celtic christianity to be, this lovely informative article.  So many things I have found in this not a new way of thinking but merely how to put it in words.  I am glad that somebody else was able to, because it might have taken me much longer to be able to define it myself.  The article would be here:  http://nctimes.net/~celt/page7.html

Be forewarned, it's rather long, but well worth the read, or at least I found it so. The first section is history- feel free to skip that if you will, especially as it might make more sense/have more relevance after you read what it truly is at its heart. But I found it very well-phrased and informative, pulling out all the nice important bits.

The one thing that I can't say I agree with is the general idea of the afterlife, especially, but I could hardly expect it all to fit.  

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Contradiction in Terms

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from: silvermagnum
date: Dec. 15th, 2004 12:00 pm (UTC)

I haven't yet read the link, but allow me to first say this:


and then this


(I didn't want to cross-post all over the place, but these personal journal entries of mine are in direct response to your lj entry.)

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